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Schurz Alumni Hall of Fame

Dedicated to Wallace Wender - English Teacher and Hall of Fame Founder

Induction Year Name Grad Year Biography
1976 John William Chapman 1911 Lieutenant Governor, State of Illinois 1952-60
1978 Abram Nicholas (A. N.) Pritzker 1913 See Distinguished Alumni Bios
1985 Frieda Bleicher Schaeffer 1916 Soprano, Metropolitan Opera
1988 Donald MacCorquodale, Ph.D. 1917 Biochemist, Abbott Labs
1986 William S. Paley 1917 See Distinguished Alumni Bios
1975 Vincent du Vigneaud 1918 See Distinguished Alumni Bios
1997 Helen Weber Matthews 1918 1st Schurz Scholarship Winner (University of Chicago); English and History Teacher at Schurz
1991 Edna McRae 1918 Ballet Teacher
1975 Cushman B. Bissell 1919 Civic and Business Leader
1981 Emerson C. Itschner 1920 Lt. General, U.S. Army; Chief of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1985 Walter Schwimmer 1920 Television Producer
1975 John D. Binkley 1924 President of Chicago Title & Trust
1975 Paul I. Feltenstein 1924 Attorney; Foreign Trade; Education
1978 William Harrison Fetridge 1924 President of The Dartnell Corp.; National Vice President of the Boy Scouts of America, President for the U.S. Foundation for International Scouting
1975 Fannie Arnstein Hassler 1924 City-Wide Youth Orchestra Founder and Conductress
1984 Thaddeus V. Weclew, D.D.S. 1924 Founder, Academy of General Dentistry
1975 Jerome S. Weiss 1924 President of the Chicago Bar Association
1978 Robert Forrest Colwell 1926 President and Founder of Colwell Publishing
1978 Elder Olson 1926 Poet; Author (16 major Literary Awards); Professor (Distinguished Service) at the University of Chicago
1994 Eugene Rappaport 1928 Co-Founder of Roosevelt University; Founder of Rappaport Foundation
1984 Christine Bolander-Olsen 1929 Miss Television, 1934 World's Fair
1976 Edward A. Johnson 1929 Artist; Professor of Art at University of Georgia
1975 Karl A. Kuchar 1929 Civic and Business Leader
1975 Sharry G. Umbeck 1929 President of Knox College
1981 Casimer John Borkowski 1930 Scientist; Inventor
1985 Anthony C. Karlos 1930 President, Century Broadcasting Co.; Founder O'Hare Inn; Chairman of the Board for Grocerland Food Stores
1978 Edward M. Moran 1930 President of Moran Supply Company
1996 Walter Schuessler 1930 Owner of Schuessler Knitting Mills; Chairman of the Board of New City YMCA; Philanthropist
1985 Mae Marty Stinespring 1930 Public Service; Mental Health
1985 Harry P. Stinespring Jr. 1930 Public Service
1976 Jerome W. Stone 1930 Chairman, Stone Container Corporation; Chairman, Board of Trustees at Roosevelt University
1988 Herman Kogan 1932 Chicago Newsman; Journalist; Historian
1975 John C. Suerth 1932 Chairman of the Board of Gerber Products
1978 Francis S. Lorenz 1933 Treasurer for the State of Illinois; Director, Dept. of Public Works and Buildings; Judge, Illinois Appellate Court 1st District
1985 Eugene J. Ranke, M.D. 1933 Medical Researcher; Physician
1997 Zena Sutherland 1933 See Distinguished Alumni Bios
1975 E. Stanley Enlund 1934 President of First Federal Savings
1975 Harry H. Semrow 1936 Public Service
1976 Adele V. Martinez 1937 Director, Bilingual Ed., California State Dept. of Education
1984 Donald Bloss, Ph.D. 1938 Geologist
1978 Adolf Dubs 1938 U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan
1975 Edmund Rojeck (Kyle Kimbrough) 1940 Entertainer; Composer
1998 John T. Case 1941 WBBM News Reporter & Columnist for the Chicago Daily News
1978 Thomas Eastham 1941 Executive Editor, San Francisco Examiner
1985 Dom Geraci (Don Jeris) 1941 Orchestra Founder; 1st Trumpet, WGN (20 years)
1999 Robert Edward Halberson 1941 U.S. Naval Aviator; Government worker: CIA; Awarded Intelligence Medal of Merit
1978 George E. McNally 1941 Chief Executive Officer, City of Mobile, Alabama; 1st Asst., U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Alabama
1996 Dr. Martin Sullivan 1941 Chief of Plastic Surgery at Evanston and Shriner's Children's Hospitals
1978 Sheldon Harnick 1942 Lyricist, "Fiddler on the Roof"
1997 Rosemary Jannetto Wegner 1943 Civic Leader
1984 Mary Alice Parry Mott 1944 Teacher of Physically Handicapped
1988 Frank M. Gondela 1945 Businessman; Civic Leader
1997 Harry Markowitz, Ph.D. 1945 See Distinguished Alumni Bios
1996 John Audino 1946 Trumpeter, The Tonight Show Orchestra 1965-1989; "Most Valuable Player Award", National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), 1980
1990 Doris Leftakes 1946 City-wide PTA Leader
1975 Daniel T. Pecaro 1946 President of WGN
1999 Robert Ericsson 1947 Judge for Circuit Court of Cook County
1975 Ronald Kuehn (Ronnie Kole) 1948 Concert and Recording Pianist
1984 Malcom Daniel Lane, Ph.D. 1948 Professor of Biochemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and New York University School of Medicine; Chairman of Physiological Chemistry at John Hopkins University School of Medicine
1984 Wayne E. Spies 1948 Pianist; Choral Director
1991 Gene Sullivan 1949 Athletic Director of DePaul University; Basketball Coach at Loyola University; Teacher; Civic Leader
1975 Robert L. Fabian 1950 Businessman; Youth Services
1988 Daris A. Bauer 1951 Educator; Executive Director of Lydia Home Association
1976 Dr. Frank A. Rubino 1951 Director, Neurology Department, Hines Veterans' Hospital
1975 Gerald J. Peterson 1952 Nuclear Engineer
1999 Gloria "Tippy" Schweigerdt 1952 National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee, All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League
1975 Richard Warner Best 1953 Bass, Metropolitan Opera Company
1975 Myrna Hansen (Martinez) 1953 Actress
1976 Edward A. Wells 1953 Corporate Vice President of Jewel Foods
1984 Ralph E. Christoffersen, Ph.D. 1955 President, Colorado State University
2000 Colonel Robert K. Kessler 1955 FBI; Criminologist; Author
1986 Marilyn Miglin 1955 See Distinguished Alumni Bios
1985 Brig. General David M. Maddox 1956 Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
1976 Major Richard H. Solem 1957 U.S. Air Force; Member of Apollo 15 Recovery Group(1st moon landing); Instructor U.S. Aerospace Test Pilot School; Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross Medal
1991 Hadley Arkes 1958 Distinguished Professor at Amherst College; Political Author and Columnist
1976 Conrad A. Langenberg 1958 Director of Photography WTTW, Ch. 11; Winner of 8 Emmy Awards
1989 William L. Melsheimer 1958 Junior High Principal
1981 Johndale C. Solem 1959 Director of Nuclear Physics Research, Los Alamos, NM
1981 Donald C. Johanson, Ph.D. 1959* Anthropologist; Archaeologist; Discovered "Lucy" (3 million year-old skeleton)
2002 James G. Panfil 1960 Microprocessor Executive Wine Maker, Echo Vineyards
1984 Sandra Romashko Zinzow 1960 Writer; Publisher
1976 James Alfred Johnson 1961 President, Colby's Home Furnishings
1989 Bruce DuMont 1962 Broadcaster; Founder of The Museum of Broadcast Communications
1989 Brig. General James H. Mukoyama Jr. 1962 Brigadier General, U.S. Army Reserves
1990 Doreen Baillargeon Rao 1965 Musician
1990 Bob Dekas 1969 Sports Television Producer
2003 Wendy Jo Harmston 1969 Community Activist
1981 Edwin Claudio 1970 Attorney; Member of Chicago Board of Ed.; Co-founder of Women's Professional Basketball League, Chicago Hustle
1996 Vilma Colom 1971 Alderman 35th Ward; Board Member of US Task Force for Hispanic Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Washington DC
2003 Sean Post 1990 Emmy Award Winner for Lighting (Oprah Winfrey Show)
2010 George Devine 1933 Professor of Music
2010 Bob LaHendro 1952 Television Director
2010 Terrence McCann 1953 CEO of Toastmasters International
2010 William Peterson 1954 Illinois State Senator
2010 Dr. Nicholas Valenziano 1954 Music Educator
2010 James Kesteloot 1960 Former CEO of Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind
2010 Dr. Edythe Albano 1967 Pediatric Oncologist
2010 Spyro Kapsalis 1977 President and CEO of Sunlite Capital Corp
2010 Rey Colon 1979 Alderman for the 35th Ward
2010 Annie Crawley 1986 Underwater Videographer, Photographer, Author
* Last attended Schurz