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Library Media and Technology
The Ralph Cusick Library Media Center

Library Hours:
9:00 am – 4:15 pm MTh
9:00 am – 4:00 pm F
 t: 773-534-3683

Open Lunch:
5th, 6th, and 7th periods
**Students must sign-in and present ID displaying current lunch period.**

Library Reservations:
Staff should email lkunc@cps.edu for school-day reservations.
Use the Reserve Facility system through the website for weekends and evenings. 


Library Media and Technology Coordinator
Library Office
Sarah Sosa
Library Aide
Circulation Desk

Using the Library: 

 Students may use the library during their assigned lunch period (with a valid student ID and sign-in) or after school. Sometimes the library will be closed when used for classes or meetings so be sure to check the sign in the morning. 

 No food or drink (besides water) is permitted in the library. 

 Board games (chess, cards, etc.) are available at the circulation desk during lunch or after school.

 All students must follow the CPS Acceptable Use Policy when using technology in the library at all times. 

 Students can access the SOAR library catalog from school or at home. You are encouraged to build reading lists and review books found in the school library.

 eBooks are accessible from the CPS Virtual Library in SOAR

 Students can also access Follett eBooks (including those assigned by a teacher) through the Destiny Discover site. 

Helpful Quick Links for Staff:

Schurz Help Desk (for all technology issues; be sure to select "Schurz HS Technical Support")

Lab and Cart Reservations (CPS access only)

Library Murals