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Sustainable Community Schools (SCS) Initiative
Sustainable Community Schools (SCS) Vision:

Sustainable Community Schools strive to improve the access to various academic and non-academic programs for children and families, improve the relationships between teachers, parents, and school personnel, and create a mutually supportive environment where classroom and social support services work together to enhance student achievement. Sustainable Community Schools will be connected to the neighborhood and intentionally involve parents, students and community members in the school including the Sustainable Community School decision-making process.

SCS Guiding Principles/Values:

1. Racial Justice and Equity
2. Transparency and Trusting Relationships
3. Self-determination and Governance
4. Building from community strengths, community wisdom, and data/best practice/evidence
5. Shared Leadership and Collaboration 
6. Student Success and Community Transformation 
7. Reflective Learning Culture
8. Whole Child approach to education

Six Pillars of Sustainable Community Schools:

Pillar 1 - Curricula that are engaging, culturally relevant and challenging;

Pillar 2 - An emphasis on high quality teaching, not high-stakes testing

Pillar 3 - Wrap-around supports and opportunities

Pillar 4 - Positive discipline practices, such as restorative justice and social emotional learning (SEL) supports

Pillar 5 - Authentic parent and community engagement

Pillar 6 - lnclusive school leadership