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Dual Language Education Program
The Dual Language Education (DLE) Program at Schurz

In order to be accepted to the DLE program at Schurz High School, incoming freshmen should  comply with the following criteria:
  • Have some  knowledge of the Spanish Language;
  • Be willing to take a Spanish Test;
  • Sign a Student- Teacher-Parent contract;
  • Participate in an informational meeting with parents 

In order to maintain enrollment in the DLE program, incoming freshmen should comply with the following criteria:
  • Continue  enrollment in 9th to 12th grade Dual Language classes that are delivered in Spanish;
  • Participation in the Spanish National Exam during the sophomore year;
  • Successful completion of the Spanish Language and Literature Advanced Placement  classes during 11th and 12th grade;
  • Complete a Dual Language portfolio during 12th grade;
  • Participate  in the Seal of Biliteracy test during 12th grade;
  • Keep a 90% attendance rate;
  • Parent or guardian agrees to actively participate in parent activities supporting their child's learning and to sign a Parent-Teacher-Student contract.
If you are interested in enrolling in the DLE program for the 18-19 school year, please complete the following form: Dual Language Education (DLE) Program Application Form

Contact Olga Echeverry, DLE program coordinator by email or phone at 773-534-3433 for more information.