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Intervention Policies



A student is tardy if he/she is not seated at his/her desk ready to work when the bell rings. 


A school is a purposeful workplace for learning and students are expected to dress accordingly. Clothing that creates disruptions or distractions in the learning environment or causes health or safety hazards are NOT appropriate and acceptable and will require a change of clothing.


·        Only for health, safety, or religious reasons


·        Cannot show bare skin between shoulders, upper chest, and mid-thigh
·        Cannot show profanity, obscenity, violence, or symbols of hate
·        Cannot promote alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
·        Cannot promote gang colors or gang-related signs
·        Cannot show underwear, and all pants MUST be pulled up, buttoned, and zipped up at the waist.



  •  RED LIGHT: Cell phone use IS NOT permitted.
  • YELLOW LIGHT: Cell phones can be used with teacher permission to assist with a lesson ie...calculator, clock, or web site.
  • GREEN LIGHT: Cell phone use IS permitted for nonacademic browsing. Green light should be used sparingly.

Posters should be in each classroom. Teachers need to place an arrow on the color before each class.

      At the beginning of class, the teacher will recite “Students today is a ____ light day cell phone use is ____.”

      Beyond this, teachers have the autonomy to create consequences. These consequences must be posted next to the stop light.


Any use of social media that is intended to harass, intimidate, threaten, shame, defame, or bully others is subject to the full extent of the CPS Student Code of Conduct and will involve Chicago Police as necessary. As stated in the Illinois school code any social media used at any time (in or out of school) is subject to the above consequence if it is deemed that it substantially disrupts the educational process.

      If a student is found photographing or video recording another person within the school building, the device used is subject to confiscation and the student is in violation of the Code of Conduct.

School personnel reserve the right to access students’ social media pages if there is a substantial concern of a violation of the CPS Code of Conduct or a concern of illegal activity, and/or disruption of the educational process. 


Obscene, profane, or vulgar language that is written, spoken or expressed by symbols will not be tolerated. Students who use obscene, profane or vulgar language are subject to disciplinary action.


Harassing, intimidating conduct, or bullying whether verbal, physical or visual, that affects the tangible benefits of education, that unreasonably interferes with a student’s educational performance, or that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment will not be tolerated. Examples of prohibited conduct include namecalling, using derogatory slurs, stalking, causing psychological harm, threatening or causing physical harm, threatened or actual destruction of property, wearing or possessing items depicting or implying hatred or prejudice, or retaliating against a student for reporting prohibited conduct. All alleged incidents of bullying intimidation or harassment would be investigated promptly and thoroughly. Appropriate consequences and remedial action will be taken against any student who violates one or more of these policies.