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Attendance Policy - (105 ILCS 5/) Illinois School Code (703.1) - CPS Policy

According to CPS policy, there are six acceptable causes of student absence:

  • Illness

  • Observance of religious holidays

  • Death in the immediate family

  • Family emergency (must explain)

  • Circumstances which cause reasonable concern for the safety or health of the student (on a case by case basis)

  • Other situations beyond the control of the student (on a case by case basis)

Absences for any other reasons are unexcused

To Report an Excused Absence:

Parents must submit a note explaining the absence immediately upon student's return. The note should include the student’s name and advisory, the date(s) of absence, the reason for the absence, and the parent's name and contact information (see sample here​​​​​​​). Absence notes from parents should be submitted on paper in the attendance office by the student upon his/her return to school.

Absence notes will be verified by the attendance office staff as needed. Please feel free to contact the attendance coordinator, Mrs. Lucyna Marczyk with any attendance-related questions at (773) 534-3773.

To Arrange an Early Dismissal:

  • When a student needs to leave school early, the adult picking the child up must visit the main office and sign the child out. The attendance office staff will then arrange to get the child out of class.

  • The Early dismissal of students does not need to be arranged in advance.

  • Any adult picking up a student for early dismissal must be listed on the student's emergency form and have valid picture ID. To complete a new emergency form, click here​​​​​​​.

  • If the student is returning to school on that day, there is no need for the parent to accompany the child into the building, but the student should report to the main office immediately upon their return before returning to class.

  • Students who become ill during the school day must obtain an early dismissal from the attendance office. Students will be only be released to an adult listed on the student’s most current emergency form, and adults must show a valid photo ID. Students may not leave the school building during the day without an official release.