A block long and a world wide...
Welcome to the Carl Schurz High School Alumni Webpage. It is our wish to create a place where graduates of all ages can come together to share in their experiences of the times they spent at Schurz High School. We hope that this site will allow our alum to keep in touch with their classmates as well as inform them of the goings on of our current student body.

We encourage every alumnus to register their information on this website to share in any news about oneself, family, or other classmates. The process is easy and the information shared is up to the individual’s discretion. This site will also serve as a means to communicate information about upcoming reunions and other alumni sponsored events.

If you have any information regarding an upcoming reunion or event, feel free to notify us so we can post it on this site.

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Friends of Schurz:

There are few High Schools in America that can boast a real Pipe Organ in their auditorium, and even fewer that have them still completely intact! Older alums may well remember the Möller Pipe Organ used at concerts and assemblies. It was installed in 1935 and first heard in public concert on December 19,1935, seventy-five years ago this year! This treasure is in critical need of attention.

The newly formed Alumni Association has been in contact with the National Association of Organists, whose Chicago branch is hosting their National Convention in 2012. This organization is extremely interested in helping us re-build the “Grand Old Lady." The National Association for Organists and the Schurz Alumni Association would like to achieve this with your help.

Chicago Public Schools is also launching an alumni website at www.CPSalumni.org

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You can now make online donations to Schurz High School through www.CPSdonation.org